My Skincare Rituals 💫

Hello lovely people! The main reason for upholding a skincare routine is because, ultimately, we want to look our best. In our day to day lives, we often come across various instances where the pollution takes a toll on us. Continue reading “My Skincare Rituals 💫”


What’s inside my GYM bag? 🤔

Hey guys, hope you doing good.

Today I decided to disclose one of my Fitness Mantra.

Protein, if you didn’t already know, can help you lose weight, build muscle and stay lean year round. So one of the questions I get asked most often, is about snack and protein bars.

Is Snacking on a protein bar healthy ?

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The Scooped-Striped Story

Hello lovely people!!
If the fashion world had its way, you’d be replacing your wardrobe every three months. But your bank balance and the planet won’t thank you for it.
Yet, read between the lines and you’ll find that last season’s must-haves often reappear, in the new season’s guise. Sure, you could spend your hard-earned on brand new jeans that look five years old. Or you could ‘new season’ them yourself by adding a few rips or even turning them from dark to light at home.

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